“If you are looking for a mediator that can close the deal, consider Mark. He is a quick study of both what is at issue and what is involved in the dispute. He is a good listener and puts the parties at ease. Most importantly he doesn’t quit when the process bogs – he hangs in there and does what it takes to get a settlement that the parties can live with.”

Bryan Baynham, QC, Harper Grey LLP

Vancouver, BC

“Mark Tweedy is an enthusiastic, experienced, and forthright mediator. I and a variety of clients have had the pleasure of using his services, and he is always keenly interested in understanding the cases he mediates, and assisting the parties in finding a resolution. Mark actively ‘works’ a mediation, and can be counted on to really try to get the deal done. I have no hesitation in recommending him to other counsel and parties.”

Delwen Stander, Stander & Company

Chilliwack, BC

“Mark has a great ability to connect with the parties in mediation which, in my experience, significantly increases the chance of resolution. He is able to create an environment where all the parties are prepared not just to talk but to listen in a meaningful way. Where there are difficult sticking points during the day I have found Mark to be creative in suggesting ways to break impasses and keep the process moving forward.”

Kelly Murray, Whitelaw Twining Law Corporation

Vancouver, BC

“The writer was recently involved in a fairly complex claim involving the alleged negligence of two West Vancouver real estate agents. There was, altogether, four parties to the litigation with varying claims and counterclaims.

Mark conducted the mediation in a very orderly and competent way. He was tireless in trying to secure a settlement and at the end of the day he successfully put together a settlement package which seemed to be in the best interests of all parties.

I thought Mark did an excellent job and I would have no hesitation in using him as a mediator in future cases.”

Derek Cave, Cave and Company

Vancouver, BC