MARK TWEEDY, C. Med., C. Arb.

Mediation Arbitration

Mark Tweedy is an experienced mediator, arbitrator, and adjudicator who is based in Vancouver, BC, and works throughout Canada. Mark practiced as trial and appellate counsel for over three decades, and now works exclusively in the field of alternative dispute resolution.

Mark’s combination of the experience gained in conducting approximately two thousand mediations in a wide variety of subject areas, an appreciation for what is at issue, and often sheer perseverance, has helped many parties resolve their disputes at mediation, without the costs and risks that litigation poses. If a case is not resolved, Mark ensures that the parties leave with a clear understanding of what stands in the way of settlement.

When sitting as an arbitrator or adjudicator, Mark brings to bear even handed and efficient management of procedural matters, and a high measure of legal acumen when making a decision.

Mark is also a frequent speaker on ADR topics to professional organisations, businesses, and law firms.